Where can I send a script or story idea that I would like to submit?

While we genuinely appreciate your interest and desire to share your project with us, as is customary throughout the entertainment industry, it is the policy of LIFETIME not to accept or review any unsolicited material received from individuals who are not represented by agents or attorneys known to LIFETIME or from production companies LIFETIME is not familiar with. As we are certain you can appreciate, the policy exists to protect both you and LIFETIME.

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    Tracy Barcelona

    I think thats kind of lame!!! I understand that you would get a lot of real life stories from different women but isn't that what your network is supposed to be about real stories real women. Last few years movies are boring not like early 90s late 80s much better. You should rethink your policy

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    Joseph L Miller

    I agree with Tracy.  I have been told MANY times that my life story would make a great one for TV.  You have no idea what I have been through and overcome.  Your policy needs to be revisited.

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    Patricia Glass

    I agree with Tracy and Joseph.  Your movies have become predictable maybe you should start letting the new booties WITHOUT agents tell their amazing stories as well as give you some ideas on some realities.  I am personally interested in a reality show being that everyone else has them.  I want a business one can you help I don't see anything like that on your channel.

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    Wendy Filipek

    What has happened to the Lifetime TV channels?  You never have any good movies on anymore! I miss the old movies you used to have on back in the 90's. I do not care to watch your violent, devilish, creepy twisted crap that you show now. I am not in to Little Women, Dance Mom's, etc. I know I am not alone in my views and that there are other women out there that have also quit watching your channels because of this. I am commenting here because you do not allow us to contact you any other way! Why? You all obviously don't give a hoot what we want or think!  These used to be such great channels, not anymore! Good Bye!

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    Kristy Cunningham

    Is there a list of people you use? That we can submit the story to?

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    Renea wing

    Please on behalf of everyone that watches Lithle women LA. PLEASE take Brianna and Matt off the show. Its the same situation every single season with them. Literally since he's joined the cast with her. All he does is cheat and she forgives him. He is constantly manipulating her 24/7 and it's getting old. Everyone tries to help her but it goes through one ear and out the other. She is a very poor example of a "strong" women on tv . Which I'm sure young girls are watching and seeing this. Long story short please replace her with some one new and exciting. A women who knows how to stand up for helfself and not put up with 💩 from a man who "claims" he loves her. Trust me the ratings would go up even more if she's gone next season !!

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    Veronica Wilson

    Can one of your attorneys contact me for my true story that will warn other woman to not be put in the same situation please???

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    Eloisa Hernandez

    I survived a vicious attack from a family member and lived to speak about the abuse that lead to it .. I don't need lawyers to speak against violence, rape and torture and can lead other survivors not to feel alone. Letting them know that something so vile done can still make a person stand tall and keep going in life without often looking back. My attacker was only given one year of prison while my scars both mentally and physically are with me forever. Change the policy to give the rights to speak out and let the attacker know that he does not have control of my life

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    Franke H

    I just want to say I don’t know what has happened over there at LMN but someone must have woke up over there... you guys have been having some kick ass movies kicking in 2018 with a vengeance. I love the knew batch of crazy bitches... I mean they are no Judith Light Meredith Baxter Birney Patty Duke heck definitely no Tori Spelling you get my point but I think the quality is getting better. Over that last 5 years I don’t know who controlled the reigns but the movies SUCKED and acting. I like the direction I like the newness let’s keep them coming ... peace!

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    Murray W Dunlap

    I survived an awful lot:   -and hit ABOUT...

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    Susanne DiTrinco

    I disagree with the above comment.   Your movies are not getting better - they're worse then ever!!  The quality is poor!!! The story lines are terrible!!! The actors and acting are poor and pitiful!!!!  The scenarios are the same only different and worse actors.  Your movies insult our intelligence!!!  To make a DIFFERENT and GOOD QUALITY movie, you need EXCELLENT WRITERS, DIRECTORS AND PRODUCERS.  Please stop with these 3rd grade mentality and stupid movies. 

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    Franke H

    Susanne don’t reference my comment and then say something about a 3rd grade mentality and stupid. If you don’t like it even a 3rd grader knows there are 1,000 other channels you can entertain yourself with.

    Everyone has opinions that can be stated without referencing anyone else. You need to do better! Oh yea a 3rd grader even know CAPS will not make your wishes granted no sooner or lesser. Are you mad perhaps you are a writer and director that got passed on by lifetime???

    Anyway best wishes in your search of a new channel to satisfy your tv urges as stated before the world is oyster to chose from!


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    Susanne DiTrinco

    My comment was NOT directed to you (Franke H.).  It was for the A&E Network Group to view.  And I know they do not respond to comments but I'm sure they do view them.  So don't judge me on my comment a...hole!!

    No, I'm not a writer or director, I'm just stating my opinion and everyone has a right to there own opinion.  And in my opinion, the movies the network are airing are DUMB!!!  So go ahead and enjoy them, I could see why you like them.  And no there are not a 1,000 channels to watch, 200 at best and still nothing to watch....all garbage!!!

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    Ursula Sunshine Assaid!!!!!!!!! PLEASE DO A MOVIE ON HER LIFE...PLEASE!!! ITS LONG OVERDUE. A book has already been written about her, I was forced, just like millions of other students, to read the book, which is heartfelt and groundbreaking. PLEASE!!! Dont let this beautiful little girl be forgotten.

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    Marilyn Champion

    I have some awesome videos and an amazing story about my son. He was born at 24 weeks and weighed only 1lb 9 oz. To bad they won't listen to our amazing stories I just don't get that. They should change that. Can you imagine how many stories they would get. They can just limited how long your story can be to interest them enough.

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    Mary Turner

    Please, Please renew the following programs.

    Little Women LA

    Little Women Atlanta

    Little Women Dallas

    Little Women: Terra's Little Family

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    Lucille Lamm

    I completely understand your policy. However, the difference between policy & the law is ( policies can be changed). I am a creative individual who has many projects/storylines to submit.

    I am currently residing in North Carolina, as far as agents or lawyers affiliated with your network- I would have no idea where to start to find that type of information.

    Thank you for your time.

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    sheldon johnson

    My name is Annie Lackey and I have a story that must be told. I'm sharing with you, communication that I reported to various investigative agencies within our community.

    Please review my complaint and feel free to contact me if you have any additional questions.

    Thank you in advance for your consideration.

    Annie Ruth Lackey

    Annie Ruth Lackey
    Address Removed


    NYC District Attorney, Cyrus Vance Jr.

    Attorney General, Letitia James

    United States Attorney General, William Barr

    Ever since I was told that I would be named administrator of the Lackey Estates, in Covington Georgia, by my cousin Wavey Lackey, in the spring of 1969, my life had been chaotic and turn upside down by unscrupulous individuals. The Lackey Estates, was established by my great grandfather, Allen Lackey when he amassed a huge amount of land in Covington Georgia.

    Shortly after that I was convinced by the drew daycare facility to enroll my eldest son Ward into Dr. Margaret Lawrence, (Harlem Hospital) hospital program for kids simply because they said that he wouldn't play with other kids.

    Next Dr. Lawrence, and a host of social workers convinced me to enroll him into a "boarding school" called Childville (a division of the Jewish child care association) because that would correct his problem of being shy and him not playing with the other kids and also deceitfully informed me that public schools would not accept him because of that fact.

    I was very reluctant at first, but I eventually agreed because Dr. Lawrence was African American which was very important during the late 60's and that being the civil rights era.

    Also she seemed like she actually cared for his well-being and because of that she gained my trust. I was instructed by Dr. Lawrence, to withhold Ward out of public school because of his imminent unacceptable by them and wait until Childville open up because it was finalizing its construction stages.

    I always knew that Ward, were a very smart boy but I didn't realize that he were a genius.

    I found out during my visits to Childville that my son Ward, was a mathematician, had a photographic memory and a calendar mind after one of his teachers showed me all of his accomplishments. I was later told that only 4 people known in existence can do what he did. These events happened during the summer of 1970 and thereafter.

    In the early part of 1974, I informed Childville that I'm canceling Ward's enrollment into their program because of the peculiar way he started to behave and the changes I've noticed within him. That's when they informed me that I'd no longer had any legal rights to my son Ward, as I signed all my rights away to them. Childville was located at 440 east 88th street, between 1st and York Avenue, in Manhattan.

    It was around that time that I started experiencing the frequent vandalism and became the subject of rumors throughout my neighborhood. I was being kept busy with new found problems therefore it became impossible for me to properly look into what my cousin Wavy, promised me.

    But one thing I knew for sure,
    And that was I were going to rescue my son from Childville as I exhausted every legal option to remove him from their program. So after one of Ward scheduled weekend visitation to spend time with me and his brothers, I refused to return him back to that institution of horror.

    On April 11th, 1974 Police officers from the 42nd precinct and social workers force their way into my apartment and arrested me and I was subjected to a strip search and taken to rikers island where I spent one night.

    My 3 other children, Trevis, Sheldon and Sean was taken to a group home where they each was subjected to some unknown inoculation, absent parental consent. Shortly afterward all of them exhibited different physiological problems regarding their health.

    I was awarded custody of Trevis, Sheldon and Sean, after my release, however Childville secured an order of protection against me and I wasn't allowed to see my eldest son Ward for another 10 months.

    Of course, I did what any mother would do, I fought tooth and nail for the right to get my son Ward, back with no avail. I even broke their order of protection and went to Childville to rescue him, but a counselor by the name of Harold Beasley push me down the stairs.

    After much fighting Ward, visitation rights to spend time with his family were eventually restored in February of 1975, I once again refused to return my son back to them, and warned the staff at Childville, that they would have to kill me if they wanted him back this time. They allowed me to keep him this time, but their attacks intensified greatly against me.

    Ward was much different after I rescued him from Childville. He had been sadistically abused and drugged amongst other monstrous crimes while he was in their care and that's when they established his psyche history to cover up the crimes that they committed.

    They started working through NYC hospitals and the board of education to continue their illegal human research on my son Ward, where they force me to put him into their COH program under the care of Dr. Lehman. His mental health started to steadfastly deteriorate under his care and his years in the NYC public school system.

    They were relentless on their persecution on me as they had recruited my husband Columbus Johnson and other close relatives and friends to aid them in their evil agenda against me.

    I found salvation in my life when I started studying with Jehovah witnesses in 1975.

    It gave me a real sense of hope as I discovered the truth about Jehovah's promise for mankind and I quickly took to it to heart and dedicated my life to Jehovah through baptism.

    My religious affiliation with Jehovah witnesses angered the conspirators as their persecution intensified against me.

    It is in my belief that even some of them infiltrated into Jehovah's organization for the sole purpose to spread rumors about me and to insure that nobody would ever come to my aid because of the fact of what started to happen to me within the Christian Congregation.

    Sadly, I even started being treated differently by some within my Congregation as rumors started spreading about me throughout the Kingdom Hall.

    I just kept on drawing close to Jehovah and kept relying on his holy spirit to protect me so that I can go on about my life on a day to day basis in serving him and seeking the much needed help for my son Ward. The conspirator were relentless as they never let up on the continued persecution on me and my children. I felt like Jehovah's servant Job, because of all the suffering I were going through daily.

    They eventually was able to take control over 2 more of my sons Trevis and Sean. Over the years as they got caught up within their system over different and very questionable circumstances to say the least. They did something to my youngest son Sean, as he became a different person and started working on the behalf of the conspirators.

    My other son Trevis were illegally experimented on while he were in their care and he became severely damaged because of that fact. Both Trevis and Sean died as a result of their illegal experimentations and I'm asking for the appropriate authorities to conduct a murder investigation regarding their deaths because of that fact.

    My granddaughter who was fathered by my son Sean, was legally in my custody. She was "legally" kidnap in a Gestapo type manor at the age of 13, in 2005, by the conspirators with the aid of family court, Police officers from the 19th precinct, children services and other unnamed individuals.

    Supervising Judge, Susan Knipps, ordered this atrocious attack on me and "kidnap" my granddaughter all while choosing to ignore New York State Family law, by refusing to place her with her uncle who was willing to take her as he was her nearest family resource. The deliberate malfeasance of this judge needs to be investigated and her actions should be considered child abuse amongst other things.

    My granddaughter was subjected to forced drugging and other sadastic acts amongst other atrocities while she was placed into foster care with unknown unscrupulous individuals.This is child abuse of the worst kind!

    There is no statue of limitations on child abuse and kidnap. My children and grandkids had been sadistically abused by these conspirators. I'm asking the appropriate investigative agencies to please look into this matter.

    It was during this time they came up with a elaborate plan to psychologically evaluate me in order to take away my voice to report these atrocities and take control of my affairs and property. They even tried to use some of my Christian brothers to try to encourage me to consent to their psychological evaluations which I promptly refused because of all the treachery I experienced from the conspirators in the past.

    My son Sheldon, came to my aid and went to Adult Protective Services to inquire about what were going on and to find out what's the basis of their claim.

    Then my case was marked unfounded after his inquiry into their scheme, however the conspirators waited for a more appropriate time to continue their attack on me.

    When my granddaughter returned home after her "kidnapping" she were a different person. I couldn't see it at first but all type of strange things started happening. Some how they got to her as she had turned against me and became a dangerous individual which lead to me removing her from my household a few years back and severing her from all my affairs.

    It came to my realization that she did much damage to me and my son Ward after her return from her kidnapping over the years. I realized how Jehovah had been protecting me as he interfered with whatever evil plan the conspirators had in store for me.

    I've been the victim of numerous criminal activity such as vandalism, kidnap, slander, betrayal, psychological abuse amongst other atrocities including numerous attempts on my life.

    They also have an unusual interest in my son Ward Johnson. He has been kidnapped numerous times through NYC hospitals and their misuse of New York State mental health laws.

    Ward has been severely damaged and stripped of his abilities that he once possessed with the aid of corrupt doctors and psychiatrists over the years by way of illegal human research and unnecessary drugging and hypnosis amongst other things.

    I'm asking the appropriate authorities to conduct an immediate inquiry into this matter especially because of the imminent risk to life and harm by these twisted conspirators as to regards to my son well being.

    In fact, me, and my surviving son's, (Ward and Sheldon) and grandchildren lives are in grave danger from these conspirators and I'm imploring the appropriate authorities to investigate because of the fact that it seem like the conspirators had been allowed to operate with total impunity for over 5 decades.

    The gross human and civil rights atrocities that we had suffered over that time were unimaginable and their actions should be considered monstrous and criminal by your agencies.

    No one is above the law according to our constitution and the laws of this land. I myself depends on Jehovah my God to deal with these crimes in his own time and manner as he sees everything especially since I have this matter in prayer. Nonetheless, it's my civic duties to report these crimes to your agencies once again as I done so many times before in the past. Jehovah, my God, sees everything!

    For the last 14 years, the conspirator had been trying to have me psychological evaluated to silence me and take control of my affairs and property amongst other wrong doings.

    *In 2005, they sent Adult Protective Services to my household in a elaborate plot to take me and my eldest son, Ward Johnson who is under my care and put my Granddaughter into the foster care system on fictitious allegations.

    *In mid December of 2006, I went to metropolitan hospital because I had issues with my eye and I wanted to get it checked out, I was detained by 4 hospital cops who drag and subdue me and forced me in their psych ward for 11 days. While there, I refuse to eat any meals or talk to their doctors. Upon my release, I reported this incident as a kidnap which fell upon death ears from the appropriate authorities.

    *On July 31st 2016, officers from the 19th precinct responded to my home when I called them to report a burglary. The next thing I know i was forced into a chair and painfully handcuffed and then tied up and forced back to metropolitan hospital where they kept me overnight and released me the next day after I refused to cooperate with their psychological evaluation.

    Presently, at this time in writing, a frivolous case was bought into court by some unknown person that provided false testimony as to regards to my mental health as a way to take hold of all my affairs, financials and property.

    The conspirator has a way to mobilize some people that are very close to me and use individuals of various professional (housing, city workers, etc) status to persecute me amongst other heinous wrongdoings.

    Individuals such as Dr. Candace Hacker, was use to enter a false testimony against me regarding my mental health status, so that they can take control of my property and affairs amongst other things.

    A judge's order was in favor against me for some unknown person to take control of my affairs, property and financials even though I never step foot in their court room or been evaluated by Dr. Haker or any other psychiatrist.

    Now I'm a person without any income because some unknown person now receive my check from social security, as they was named my representative payee.

    I suspect that the real reason for the judge's order was to give someone control over my great Grandfather property that my cousin promised to give me, and secondly it can be use to coverup their crime of kidnapping me when they physically force me into a psych ward amongst other past crimes committed against me, and lastly the judge's order left me destitute without any income or any means to survive.

    The court decision ignored the fact that I have a son, Sheldon who checks in on me and his brother, not to mention the fact that he's my proxy.

    The court decision also left me penniless as I became a person of little means due to the constant persecution I received from the conspirators.

    I'm a 77 year old elderly lady that depends on my social security check to survive and they sign my money over to a total stranger whom I know nothing about which I think should be considered intolerable from your agencies.

    This is not Nazi Germany. I shouldn't never been allowed to suffer all these horrendous crimes throughout the 5 past decades. This act of terror shouldn't be allowed to happen here in this present day and time.

    Whoever is responsible for this fictitious case against me at this time of writing, along with the fraudulent testimony of Dr. Candace Haker , is where your investigation should begin. There you should find the link between whomever stole my Great Grandfather, Allen Lackey property, which he deemed to be heirs property and the individuals who had been tormenting me for over the last 5 decades.

    Our lives are in grave danger and there is imminent risk to life and harm from the hands of these unscrupulous individuals.

    Please conduct an immediate inquiry at once into this very serious matter. I'm reporting a crime; and this is my testimonial!

    Please investigate!

    Annie Ruth Lackey

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    Angelina Walker

    I totally agree with those who commented that they disagree with this policy. I was kidnapped, held for 8 days, and repeatedly assaulted until I was brave enough to escape from a human trafficker, when I was 14 years old. It was an extraordinary miracle that I escaped that house alive.

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