How can I appear in a show or movie?

All casting and production is done through independent casting agencies and production companies in Los Angeles.  If you are in the LA area, watch the trade papers for announcements concerning castings and information regarding Lifetime programming. 

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    Iliana Fairooz

    Article Not helpful at all.

    What about the rest of United States. Why just focus on LA. Why don't post the name of Independent Agency's. A least a link so anyone from all Continental US can access that Information. I personally looking to apply for Project Run Away. But so far my research is being fail to found any information of How to apply for....

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    I totally agree with Ms. Fairooz.  Why not give the names and even contact details for the agencies.  We'd like to submit an application for Child Genius, but can't find anywhere on A&E's or Lifetime's websites where to send the application to.  We're also in Florida, and we know from watching the last 3 years that children come from all across the country.  How did they apply?  Did they have to fly to California to apply?

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    Rhoda Maynard

    I agree with the people who left a comment before me. Recently, I've been seeing commercials for the new series The Pop Game and I am interested in applying for the next season. I would like to know the names of some of these agencies because like Darringreen I live in Florida and with my financial situation it would be impossible for me to fly to LA to audition for the show or even know when auditions for this show will come out. How do people who don't live in LA audition for anything on Lifetime?

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    l live in ft. worth texas. i have  a co worker who's son and her would be a good fit for this show. i think lifetime needs to branch out to ft worth, texas and cast a show here.

    my co worker is upper middle class, he son plays for an AAU TEAM. 

    She's a good fit.  please contact me. 

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