How can I get my own copy of a movie or series?

Lifetime offers the Lifetime Shop for DVDs, fan gear, and more. We also offer most of our popular movies and series on Apple's iTunes store (iTunes required). We're adding movies and shows all the time, so check back often.

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    Where does this Lifetime shop exist now?  I haven't seen it on the website for a while.  

    What I want is My Haunted House, but there is no information about it ever being released anywhere. It's frustrating.  I love the show.  I would BUY EVERY EPISODE, but it isn't available.  I own every episode of Paranormal Witness from SyFy, and plan to continue to purchase it.   I would like to own My Haunted House, but it isn't available anywhere. And I am currently out of the country, so even if it were available to stream on the website.  I don't have a cable subscription, nor am I in the right region.

    I feel that Lifetime etc. are shooting them selves in the foot not making series available to purchase.  It's beyond frustrating.  I would much rather buy it than find some place to stream it online.


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    Vanessa Hooper

    I totally agree with Bridgette, I want to buy several Lifetime movies (Stalked by My Doctor 1&2, Sea Change, Patricia Cornwell's 'The Front', Sometimes the Good Kill, Stalker Club, etc) but by not offering them for sale, it forces people to record them or DL then illegally. Come on Lifetime get with the digital age!

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